Commercial Roof Insurance Claims

When you need roof repairs or replacement services for your commercial building, you will usually need commercial roof insurance claims. At Aftermath Restoration, we want to make sure that you know we work with the insurance companies to make sure your insurance claim goes well. We understand that most business owners and commercial building owners are busy and need to have the assurance that commercial roof insurance claims aren't going to be an issue.

What to Expect with Commercial Roof Insurance Claims

Commercial roof insurance claims often come with necessary inspections and assessments that the insurance company needs to determine the process moving forward. Once you've determined that there is damage to your roof, then someone from our team will come out and assess the damage. This assessment determines the severity of what is going on with the roof, and we will usually have to list out all of the details in written, video, or photograph form.

The damages are authenticated once the assessment gets done. Then, there will be an estimate of the formal repairs needed, and you will be able to move forward with replacement or repair plans. We will work with you to ensure you know everything that needs to be done to keep the roof safe and secure again.


Construction and Repairs

Once the commercial roof insurance claims go through, we will move forward with the plan you decide on for the commercial roof for your business. We will provide materials and the timeline that is agreed upon for the repair or replacement services for your roof. We will also discuss how long your repairs or new roof will last so that you can have peace of mind moving forward.


Most Common Reasons for Commercial Roof Insurance Claims

One of the most common reasons for commercial roof insurance claims is high winds. A storm can do a lot of damage to a commercial roof because of debris blowing around. It is essential after a storm to get a commercial roof looked at right away because if you have a future claim, it could be denied for pre-existing damages. Pre-existing damages usually go unseen because owners of commercial buildings are too busy to have a roofing company analyze the minor destruction and don't need repairs right away.

Another reason is that commercial roof insurance claims get filed regularly is because the roof is leaking. If you notice that your commercial roof is starting to leak, it is vital to start getting repairs done right away. No matter why the roof started to leak, a damaged roof leaking into the interior is a hazard for everyone in the building. Don't hesitate to call Aftermath Restoration and start the inspection process right away to prevent safety issues.

Our team is always ready to discuss the options you have for roof repairs and handling the insurance claims that go along with the commercial roof damages your building has. Contact Aftermath Restoration right away for more information!

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