Emergency Roof Repair

It is important to contact Aftermath Restoration right away if you find it you need emergency repair services for your roof. Emergency roof repair services are determined by the damage done and whether or not your home is safe. At Aftermath Restoration, we are proud to provide 24-hour service or emergency roof repair needs in our community.

Reasons for Emergency Roof Repair

Some of the top reasons for emergency roof repairs have to do with storms. If the storm comes through at the community and damages your roof, it is essential to contact us right away to assess the damage and make sure that you and your family are safe and your home.

Damage from hail storms is one of the top emergency roof repair services because of the larger pieces of hail and its ability to crack shingles. A severe hail storm can damage even more if you have an older roof.

Wind damage also causes many issues and may even be the reason you call us for emergency roof repair. Strong winds cannot only blow part of your roof off but may also blow debris to the roof of your home, causing damage to shingles or even missing parts of your roof. You may even experience large items going through your roof, such as trees or other debris. Regardless of the damage, it is usually an emergency if you do not feel safe in your home. Call us right away to make sure that your home doesn't take on additional damage, and you and the people in your home have peace of mind again.


Rain Damage

If your roof is subjected to many days of rain or a very heavy rainstorm, it can take on damage. You may need emergency roof repair services because of trees that might fall on your roof because the soil is so weak. Also, limbs from trees can fall on your roof and cause damage to do you get metal or shingles. You may even have broken tiles that need to be repaired or replaced before the water gets beneath them.


Poor Maintenance and Materials

While we see it a lot, you may not realize that it is an emergency until it is much too late. Not having your roof maintained regularly can cause emergencies later on. You may notice that there are cracks in the material of your roof, or your roof is starting to leak. You may also notice that rodents are getting into your home through the roof, or you might even have some other kind of infestation because of water coming through the top of your home.

No matter what reason you have for calling us for emergency roof repair services, it is essential to do if you don't feel safe in your home because of the condition of your roof. Call Aftermath Restoration right away and find a safe space for you, your family, and your pets.

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