Roof Plus Services

Residential roof installation is necessary because of a new home build or because you need a complete replacement of your home's roof. Regardless of why you may need a new roof, our team is highly capable of residential roof installation services. Not only are we insured, but we are also licensed and bonded so that you can have the assurance that your roof is our top priority.

There are several different types of materials that you can have installed for your new roof. Whether you want something that is durable and easy to maintain or you are looking for something a little more stylish, our roofing professionals can definitely help you find what are you were looking for your brand new roof.

At aftermath Restorations we pride ourselves on taking from the smallest to the steepest job. From full roof replacement or installation to a minor repairs.

Aftermath Restorations can also help you with a full assessment on all of you roofs soft metals such as air vents, flashings, soffits, fascia’s and so on. We don’t leave any stone unturned when it comes to inspecting your roof.

Water intrusion is one of the most common problems in the roofing industry and many time is caused by your gutter system. If your gutters, corners or downspouts are too small or have been damaged, or you simply like to get an upgrade, request a free assessment today!

To schedule a consultation, please call us at (708) 356-7663