Residential Roof Repair

If you are worried that you may need residential roof repair services, you are not alone! There are many reasons to call a roof repair company throughout the year. There may be a big storm, or you may have signs of leaking in your home, which would warrant roof repair services.

When Do I Need Roof Repair Services?

It is often easy to identify when you need to call a roof repair specialist. You may notice drips down your wall or even be able to see that you have a damaged roof on the outside of your home.

Some of the signs are a little more subtle and can cause damage to your roof over a long period of time. This damage can be from water, mold, moss, and even pests. Many new homeowners may not know that residential roof repair issues are common because they have clogged gutters. Clogged gutters can not only cause an extensive amount of damage to a roof, but they can also cause an extensive amount of damage to the foundation of a home.


What If My Roof Starts Leaking?

If you notice that your roof starts leaking during heavy rains or after a storm, it is essential to get your roof checked right away. Contacting Aftermath Restoration will ensure that the damage is minimized because our team is well qualified to deal with emergency situations such as a leaky roof. You will probably need a residential roof repair or even a roof replacement if the damage has happened over a long time.

Once you contact us, we will stop by and assess the damage and then discuss with you what your options are.

To minimize the damage of a leaky roof while you are waiting for a roof repair specialist, it is crucial that you keep the area as dry as possible. Clear the area where the leak is and try to use a bucket to catch any of the dripping water.


Will I Need Residential Roof Repair Services or Replacement Services?

Right away, you might be wondering if you need repair or replacement services for your residential roof. Once our team arrives and can assess the damage, they will let you know the benefits of repairs or if you are ready for a roof replacement. The insurance company may also determine this if you are filing a claim. Our team will keep in contact with you for the whole process to know what to expect and have a timeline.

Contact Aftermath Restoration for residential roof repair services at your home. No matter what happened to your roof, we are always ready to answer any questions you have about the roof on your home so that you can have peace of mind.

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