Thermal Roof Inspection

Commercial property owners understand the problems of a bad roof. Leaks can damage the structure of the building as well as harm the businesses or apartments inside. Undetected leaks can lead to mold and mildew growth as well, causing an entirely different set of issues for the property owner.

If you have a flat roof on your property, you are encouraged to have a thermal roof inspection conducted on your roof at least once a year to catch unseen leaks before they become a large problem. Additionally, anyone who is considering a purchase of a commercial property should have a thermal roof inspection to protect themselves from high repair costs after they make the purchase.


What Is A Thermal Roof Scan?

Every day the sun heats the roof. In the evenings, the heat is released back into the atmosphere. This is a natural process that occurs in all roofing systems. However, when a roof has areas that are retaining water, these areas will retain additional heat. When the heat is released, it will be more forceful and last longer.

A thermal imaging scan can detect where there are pockets of higher heat being released back into the atmosphere. This allows our roofing company to mark where the leaks are and make any necessary repairs. It is one of the best ways of finding leaks before they become a problem.


Top Benefits Of Thermal Roof Scanning

- Thermal roof scanning is the most cost-effective and time-efficient way of finding leaks in a commercial roof. Leaks can be detected quickly so that repairs can be made.
- Thermal roof scanning is non-evasive. We do not have to put any holes or cuts into your roof to detect the leaks.
- If leaks are found, a repair can be made quickly. Not only does this save the property owner money on overall repairs, but it also protects the property from significant damage by stopping the leak quickly.
- Making directed repairs to your roof can also reduce the expense associated with roof repairs. When you can find the bad areas of the roof, you can make the repairs without having to replace the entire roof system.
- Roofs that do not have wet insulation are more energy-efficient. Your property will use less energy to heat and cool the property when the roofing insulation is not wet from a leak. Wet insulation does not give your building protection.


When You Need Commercial and Industrial Roof Repairs - Call Aftermath Restoration

If you would like to have a thermal scan conducted on your commercial roof, industrial roof or even your home roof, you are encouraged to contact Aftermath Restoration. We specialize in commercial roofing repairs and replacements, but we also service residential roofs as well.

We offer thermal roof inspections as part of our services. If you need to have a roof checked before you purchase a property, or you would like to have your roof checked as part of your yearly maintenance, contact us today. We can set up a time to conduct the scan. If any issues are found, we can also make any necessary repairs. Call Aftermath Restoration today.

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